Rose Online: World Cup Soccer Quests!

Upstate of what New York City dwellers think of as upstate – in Plattsburgh, suburb-of-Montreal, N.Y., there’s a tremendous resource for bibliophiles, students, children, and just plain readers, known as the Cornerstone Bookshop. Despite all it has to offer on the printed page and on vinyl (records), it’s number one gift just might be laughter.

I think that the MHSAA and the powers-that-be in lacrosse could learn a few things from that golf tournament. Currently, there are two divisions in the state for lacrosse. That means that only two champions are crowned in June. Only four schools get an opportunity to play for a state title. Now, before you go all Charles Darwin on me, and bring up the survival of the fittest, let me say that other sports in the state have more divisions. Football has eight. Basketball, bowling, cross-country, tennis, track and yes, golf has four divisions. More schools play those sports, but I say, so what! I personally don’t think that winning a championship at a D4 level means less than winning one at a D1 level. It’s not watering down the playing field – it’s making it level.

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I’ve got some plans for the future, and they include my continued efforts to make this space a reflection of what is happening with the sport of Cleats wide fit at all levels in our part of the country and world. I’d love more submissions from writers, parents, fans, photographers, players, etc. When you share your soccer news it makes this internet soccer stop all the richer.

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Sunday’s opener figures to be a match of polar opposites. The Pumas have walked a tight line to get their roster down to the PDL-imposed eight maximum player limit for guys 23 or older. Meanwhile the Whitecaps Residency is full of youth, with nary a player even at age 23 yet.

The Photo shoot was a blast, our Photographer Mike Febbo had a vision of what he wanted and excuted it with precision; the end result was nothing short of spectacular. These pictures don’t do these cars justice, if only if these pictures had a sound clip to go along with it, the high pitch sounding 997 and the low burble of the 996 both naturally aspirated was just music to my ears, hearing these two cars going thru the tight twisties of the canyons. With out further a due here are some of the pics. Enjoy!

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