Product Review: Whynter Sno Ice-100S Portable Ice Maker

The old refrigerator had finally given up the struggle and had to be replaced. The new one was all spiffy and clean and was sporting some nifty features. First and foremost it had the ability to provide ice at the touch of a button. Or cold water. Even crushed ice.

I have clients using a softener called INOXDEP. It is a small, cylindrical shaped container that you add salted water (i.e. salt pellets) to every month or so. It’s kind of a small, manual version of a large, whole house-type water softener. I have this same softener and I love it; it works great. If you are to have a lot of kitchen equipment like an best ice maker, dishwasher, etc you may want to consider getting a large water softener for the entire water supply. Or at least the cold water supply.

Before starting a plumbing project be sure to know your pipes. Each pipe has a different use and every municipality has different codes for what pipes can be used for. Making a mistake in this area can be very costly, if you are forced to remove all the pipes from the work you have just completed.

Another source of research that often gets overlooked by remodelers are Realtors. You may not be planning on selling your home now, maybe not in twenty years. Realtors know what folks are looking for in a kitchen, you may to call one and have them offer some guidance as well. They usually do this for free.

What should you expect to find with foreclosed homes? Remember that most previous owners were forced out and sometimes in a hurry. Banks that foreclose on the home will come in and clean up messes and trash left behind. They will also padlock all doors, which will usually destroy the doors or at least require replacement locks. Beyond the obvious, expect the house in general to be dirty, perhaps smell from mold or mildew within the home, expect toilets and bathtubs to look awful from lack of use. There may be water damage from frozen pipes and so on. This is expected with foreclosed homes as they stand vacant for months or even years.

If a foreclosed home seems right for you price wise, then do you homework and learn more about buying a foreclosed home. The market is flooded with foreclosed homes and the perfect one is out their waiting for you.

Scary Treats: Get some plastic bugs, spiders or eyeballs and freeze them inside ice cubes. They make for a great Halloween treat but make sure everyone knows that they are not edible! Fill the trays and wait for them to set up about half way. Give the tray a twist so the top layer office cracks and insert the item. If you try to add them when you fill the tray with water the item will sink or float and you won’t get a great effect from it.

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