10 Best Things About Cedar Park

Our 7 week motorhoming vacation is drawing to an end but I cannot go home without mentioning the wonderful park we spent a week at in our 34′ motorhome in December of 2008. This is by-far one of my favorite places to be!

There you have it, the pros and cons of each type of beach volleyball line available. If you are working on a strict budget, you will be better off getting the rope lines because they are much cheaper. If money isn’t so much of an issue for you, the webbing is the way to go. The thick 2 inch or 1.5 inch volleyball lines are very stylish and look the best on any court. No matter if you have a sand court or you play at the beach you need some good lines.

If you have a boat, just next to the jetty is where you can launch it. There is no official boat ramp at the present, but the sand is rock hard most of the time. There is also a tractor there to hire if you have a big boat and are not too confident in your car! There are some truly amazing places to visit if you have a boat, with reef systems running everywhere. There are also 14 different ship wrecks that you can visit and dive on. A lot of large fish are caught in Lancelin, both on the shore or off a boat; don’t be shy on the fishing!

Another good activity is to make an interactive story about an ant. Have your students sit in a circle. Have the first student start the story by telling two sentences, then continue with the next student until you get to the last student whom ends the story.

Grandview State Park offers multiple picnic areas for family events and picnics. Also, the park has a few picnic shelters that can host hundreds of people. Grandview State Park has a volleyball positions, horse shoe throwing area, softball field, swings and slides for the kids.

A great introduction for this unit would be to take your students outside to get up close and personal with ants. Have your students sit around an ant hill and observe what the ants are doing. Ask your students what they think they are doing? Point out some interesting things about ants such as they can carry very heavy objects compared to their body weight. Pass out hand lenses and have your students look at them up close. You can talk about red ants vs. black ants as well.

A play set can turn your outdoor living area into a playground for the youngsters. Swing sets and slides never go out of style from one generation to the next. Sandboxes are safe play areas for toddlers. For teens, young adults, and even the older folk, crocket is always a hit. With a narrow patch of ground you can easily make a horseshoe court.

If your volleyball training routine does not incorporate than it is not complete and you are not reaching your potential. The body is an amazing thing and when trained properly it is capable of amazing things. Anyone can do sports specific training and frankly, most people prefer it over repetitive gym workouts. It is also a time effective method of working out because the exercises are so incredibly effective.

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