What Is A Cloud And Why Aren’t You On It?

When I first heard of Cloud Computing it was very hard to wrap my mind around the concept. All I could see was clouds. I thought how does this relate to doing anything with computers?

SaaS can save you money. Because it is a service rather than a system, there are no installation costs. Your training costs will be dramatically reduced, because SaaS is very easy to set up and to use. There is no need to replace the service after a few years as most providers give their customers regular free upgrades. You don’t have to sign up for an expensive, long-term contract; just rent what you need, typically by paying per user per month.

There is a huge demand for tech professionals in Seattle, If you happen to work in the this field you owe it to yourself to check out the city’s job market. A growing leader in technologies like cheapest windows 10 and virtualization, tech experts are in high demand.

You may also want to have a larger storage space in your work email. You can may extra every month to have the service of a larger account. While many normal personal accounts are fine with just the standard storage space, a company may need to have more room for many messages.

Mint – There are tons of finance apps available that focus on budget tracking. Few are as popular as Mint, which allows users to manage multiple financial accounts from one simple user interface. With user-friendly features and no price tag, there is little wonder why this app has so many users.

Servers go down from time to time. It just happens occasionally to all of them. But what if the timing is such that you can’t get at the data you need when you need it. It may only be for a few minutes, or a few hours, but it can be longer sometimes. Power can go out due to weather conditions where their servers are located, phone lines, or internet coverage can be unavailable, server maintenance is often necessary, etc. And if you have a client waiting for an estimate or proposal, it will be hard to explain why they have to wait. You may lose the client as they question your ability to fulfill their needs on a timely basis. And try telling your employee that they have to wait until next week for their paycheck!

You now have a very good understanding of something that is perplexing at first knowledge. Don’t let cloud computing confuse you anymore. It’s really very simple once you grasp it in terms of hardware.

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What Is A Cloud And Why Aren’t You On It?

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