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Hey Vampire Mobsters! Season two begins production in seven days! Writer/director Joe Wilson will be shooting a 79-page script with a cast of twenty actors and one canine cast member.

Yeah you may go so far as actually wanting to be on the date. You may even have had a good night’s sleep and a caffeine fix. But if you are trying to shoehorn a planned 2-hour experience into 25 minutes because “something came up” then you’re stacking the deck against anything good coming from the date. At least the ordeal is an abbreviated one, right?

As reported previously “Netflix ended the first quarter of 2013 with 29.2 million U.S. subscribers and HBO had 28.7 million.” This is significant, as hampton bay lighting has traditionally made money with advertisements. By offering a paid version that is either ad free or contains premium content for subscribers YouTube would go head to head with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and others.

We’re going on dates, but simply put we are not “bringing it”. And to complicate matters, thanks to online dating many of us are going on more first dates than ever with people we haven’t even MET before. In such situations “going big or going home” takes on new meaning.

The battery life of this product is alright. It can last for about six hours wathcing videos I’ve noticed,and about fifteen hours playing music. Web browsing significantly lowers battery power, and only lasts for a full charge for abotu four hours.

Here is what I mean by mental goal setting. See most people when they go about goal setting they set goals that are out of there control. So when they don’t meet there goal they get discouraged and stop trying. So instead of setting a mental goal of learning a new song every week you should instead make a goal of practicing piano at least 20 minuets per day. You see this goal is in your control. You can’t control how fast you will learn piano but you can control how much time you spend trying to learn. Make sense?

I hope you enjoy this huge strategy giveaway! if you seriously take advantage of the things I have told you about you will be growing you brand like Kenny Isbell. With a little fine tuning I am certain that I will see your name all over the Internet.

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