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Are you running a mile a minute and feel overwhelmed by all the projects and paperwork piled on your desk? There’s one key word that you need to add to your daily vocabulary: leverage. When you exert a small amount of effort, you gain large results. Think of it as the “working smarter, not harder” approach – accomplish a LOT of work but don’t spend a lot of time doing that work.

Trying to sell massive amounts of contracts would spiral the price of silver to infinity. Who would buy a contract for delivery, when there is no physical commodity to fill the contract on the spot market?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act I can receive better healthcare coverage at half the price and thanks to the tax credit will receive what I pay in premiums back at the end of the year when I file my income tax return. I am poor. I work hard. I pay payroll jobs taxes, sales taxes, and my rent is surely impacted by my landlord’s property taxes and utility bill. As you know here in Statesville we pay our utilities to the local government; a tax that cannot be deducted.

So let’s say you are a company that builds mobile Apps. Your company is growing – everyone wants an iPhone app these days after all. You know there is a clear window of opportunity to establish a client base and then grow with their needs. But here are two paths your company can take. So what does this have to do with PEO’s – you’ll see in a minute.

Mr. Obama will be making the Big Speech about jobs- and the economy in general, this week. Reportedly, he will be proposing to extend unemployment benefits. Fine, but no jobs there. He will ask to double down on defunding Social Security by extending the payroll jobs tax reduction to employers as well as employees, as well as a tax credit for hiring an employee- presumably for these ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects, purportedly on somebody’s drawing board, somewhere.

You should go in for updated software with equipment that will satisfy your current needs and can be scaled to a higher degree for potential growth in the future. The software should include features that benefit your company as well as do some more jobs with skill and no added work force.

One day while I was looking at the available part-time jobs on-line I saw this advertisement for Associated Content. Just out of curiosity I checked it out. After spending 3 or 4 days just looking through the site, reading the requirements and other people’s submissions, I began to think that maybe I could do this. I typed up an article and submitted it. They took it! Amazing how simple it was.

And if you’d like to know how to get yourself into the positive cashflow position of owning your home free and clear years sooner, try one or more of the early mortgage payoff strategies available today, such as the numerous ones outlined and compared in Let Your Mortgage Make You Rich.

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